Erica Sine

Project Director

Most of Erica's time is spent bringing fun and excitement to children and adults alike in science, nature, and historical venues. She has a degree in Anthropology, and another in Geology. She has made multiple trips to South America where she put her dig certification to use unearthing rare and interesting antiquities. Back home, she has put her expertise to work creating exhibits and interactive experiences that are a mix of science, history, and art that provide hands-on entertainment to audiences of all ages.

the team

The Team

One of our strengths is the ability to take diverse and seemingly unrelated things, and put them together to create unique and exciting solutions. The team at Red Creek Design Company is no exception. Each of us offers different talents, that when put together, create magic. Find out a little bit more about us, we are thrilled to meet you.

Edward Sine

Erica Sine


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