Edward Sine

Founder & Creative Director

As founder and Creative Director of Red Creek Design Company, Ed makes sure that every project blends art and creativity with a solid strategy, so every client's story not only serves it's function, but creates a compelling experience. He has degrees in Architecture and Engineering, and over the years has developed strong marketing, fine art, interactive, and visual skills.

When all of these areas of expertise are brought together, the result is an experience that is beautiful and fun, but has a firm foundation in reality that successfully meets desired objectives. With almost thirty years of experience in design, he has created themed, artistic environmental experiences for some of the largest commercial, educational, residential, and entertainment companies. His designs and artwork have entertained audiences around the world.


the team

The Team

One of our strengths is the ability to take diverse and seemingly unrelated things, and put them together to create unique and exciting solutions. The team at Red Creek Design Company is no exception. Each of us offers different talents, that when put together, create magic. Find out a little bit more about us, we are thrilled to meet you.

Edward Sine

Erica Sine


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