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Interactive Exhibits

Everyone has been to a history museum at one point in their life. Most are familiar with the traditional type of exhibits they contain. The table with random artifacts covered with glass and the dim light shining on it, a stuffed animal with mannequins located near it, or the skeletal remains of some dinosaur or an animal, all with their stanchions explaining what you are looking at or what occurred at that time. They are informative and very grown-up. You walk through them looking quietly and read the information.

Today's museums are trying to keep up with technology and have the visitors feel involved. They have interactive exhibits with touch screens telling you different information with accompanying videos. They have hands-on exhibits where you build items and walk through environments that make you feel like you are actually in another time. There are museums hands-on and interactive exhibits just for children. The newest craze has children's science museums popping up all over. These types of museums and exhibits change the way people view history and science. They get the family involved and experience new things. You touch, experiment, and eagerly anticipate the next exhibit. Children literally become excited when they get to go to the museum and experiment.It is the new way to educate and excite people about history and science. Art museums have even added interactive exhibits containing videos and touch screens. Sure the traditional exhibits are still used for items such as artifacts, rock specimens, and other historical items, but interactive exhibits are not to far behind in the next room.


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