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Classic Wood Site Launches


Classic Wood Flooring is a large wood flooring retailer with a simple goal: make contact with people in need of flooring and make them happy with it. Unlike many retailers today, they are not going online with a sales cart, they want to maintain the personal touch and work with their clients face to face. The website's purpose is to provide an online presence, inform their clients about the benefits of wood flooring, show them a sample of their work, and ultimately get new clients into the showroom to form some good old fashioned sales relationships.

Red Creek Design responded with an easy to navigate site, built around web standards, that shares the style of the showroom. The colors chosen for the site reflect the warmth and hominess of wood flooring. The site also provides a wealth of information about the technical aspects of wood, including featuring information on the wear and care of wood flooring. The idea behind this is to remove as many objections for wood flooring as possible before new clients get to the showroom, and to provide ongoing support for current clients.

Red Creek Design took many photographs of the showroom and various projects to show not only the beauty of wood flooring, but to demonstrate the creative designs of Classic Wood Flooring. The many shots of the showroom entice clients into visiting and browsing.

Red Creek Design had interactive sessions with Classic Wood Flooring to help arrive at the proper goals, both short term and long term for this project. We then set up a storyboard for the site and a graphic design concept. Once this was approved we developed an appropriate interface and coded the entire site. We also helped Classic Wood Flooring set up their hosting and domain registrations.

In the first few months Classic Wood Flooring received numerous complimentary comments about the new design, and it has since been very successful in their marketing efforts and it has met all of the intended goals.

Visit the Classic Wood Flooring website.