Red Creek Visualization

What is Visualization?

As you enter the familiar doors of the office, nerves are on edge, and a feeling of dread tickles the spine. The marketing campaign for the new residential development has to go out today. The copy is written, but there are no graphics to spice it up. If only for a solution... Sound familiar? The answer is simple: visualization.

Visualization is quite simply, making the invisible into something visible.

Visualization gives you the power to communicate your message. We provide a wide variety of methods, and we can help you with just the right ones:

  • Art or Illustration
  • Perspective Rendering
  • Rendered Elevation or Plan
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Multimedia
  • Web /Interactive

A very good example of concept visualization being put to good use is in the beginning stages of a real estate development project. Every project must begin with a concept, and subsequent graphics to visually communicate the idea. The graphics will be used in communicating the concept in design stages to the architects, interior designers, landscape designers and the contractors. Visuals must also be used to obtain approvals from review boards in the permitting process, and to obtain financing from investors. Eventually, it is time to involve marketing and public relations in promoting the project. In order for the graphics to be successful in all these different efforts, they must not only capture the spirit of the concept, but also help position the product in the marketplace. Our years of successful experience in visual communication enable us to provide you with just the right solutions.

On the other hand, selling the invisible can mean something completely different. What if your project needs to promote the services of your company? How do you present your service? A service is not something you can hold or touch or feel. A service is intangible until the client takes the giant leap of hiring you. You must create an image of what you will be providing so your client can visualize the experience they are going to receive.

For example, a restaurant is in the business of selling food - or is it? In truth, a restaurant is selling entertainment. People will visit your restaurant for a certain atmosphere: a special type of environment. They are going to eat, of course, and good food is a big factor, but they are also looking for an experience, a story to accompany dinner. You can present all of this through visualization.

There are many ways to visualize your service. One aspect is your brand name and identity. The name of your business invokes some sort of image in a person's mind. The use of color will reinforce the image by invoking emotion in your logo or in your business collateral. Another is the architectural style of your business. What color is it? How is the brand represented on the front of the building? What overall style creates the impression of what the service is going to be like inside? Once the people enter, what does the interior look like? What is the atmosphere, the ambiance? Is it sophisticated? Is it casual? All of these things go into creating something visible that represents the services you are going to provide to your customers.

Visualization is the fusion of design, graphics, and strategy that effectively communicates ideas and allows you to successfully develop your marketing.


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